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Our Team

Kitchen Team

Linda Pool
Executive Chef / Owner


The Amsterdam born and raised Linda Pool has worked her way up through the ranks of the kitchen because of her enthusiasm and work quality. 

Linda did not know exactly what to do but that it was something with her hands that was a fact. At the age of 12, she went to the technical school in Amsterdam where she loved classes in cooking but also in car mechanics. Her niece was already a cook at the famous hotel restaurant Dikker & Thijs in Amsterdam. She asked Linda to come with her to see the kitchen en after she helped her out in the weekends her career in the kitchen started.


After her graduation, she worked in several restaurants in Amsterdam. Her chef at that time left to Aruba and after a week or three, he asked her if she wanted to come also to Aruba. Linda didn’t have to think about it twice and said yes. Leaving the Netherlands was already on her mind. After working in Restaurant Chez Mathilde she decided its time to own her own restaurant.

Patricia Werleman
Sous Chef


The on Aruba Born and raised Patricia Werleman worked her way up through the ranks of the Kitchen because of her enthusiasm and work quality.

She started to work in restaurant Chez Matilde then left to get more experience. The chef at that time took her with him and she started working for La Vie and Rose where she became a pastry chef.


After a few years, Chez Matilde asked her back and she further worked her way up there. Patricia and Linda worked together for several years at Chez Mathilde. When Chez Mathilde closed her doors, she worked in several other restaurants. After a while, she met Linda again and they joined each other again.

Restaurant Team

Annie de Weerd


The in Harderwijk born and raised Annie has worked her way up through the ranks of the restaurant business.


First, she started at the weekends to take care of the children of a hotel owner then she moved to the restaurant as a waitress. After finishing her school she became a head waitress and was running the hotel when the owner went on vacations.


After she met Linda she also went to Aruba. It was hard to get a job but it worked out well. She got a job in Sandra’s restaurant. After that, she worked for Manchebo Beach Resort and then the Paddock in downtown for 12 years. Then she decided to start her own business and opened cafe restaurant Twister in downtown, and the rest is history

Romalo de Graav
Maitre D’


Romalo’s Story is truly amazing. Born in Surinam, he came to study the hotel business on Aruba’s sister Island Curaçao.


Romalo worked at a great Indonesian restaurant in Willemstad for a few years before he decided it was time for a change. He sold his car and furniture and went to Aruba for a Holiday weekend before flying to Holland. Once here, he walked from the Paddock in downtown to the Marriott resort on Palm Beach to find out if they needed employees. That was just for the fun of it. No was the answer. Walking back along Eagle Beach. Romalo stepped into Le Dome where his Aruba journey started.


after working several years for Le Dome where he served the Dutch Queen, her son, and his bride, and after that for other restaurants, he changed his career completely and worked for a wholesaler. Blood is thicker than water and when he met Annie and Linda again (which he had known for many years) and heard about their new restaurant a new journey started

Henk Pool


The in Amsterdam born and raised Henk Pool, brother of Linda, worked in all kinds of businesses from banks to you name it. 
After a while of doing this, his career as a bartender started in a bar in Amsterdam where he found his love for the bar.


After many years of bartending, he decided to take a big step and also move to Aruba where his sister already lived.


He worked as a bartender in several bars and also at Chez Mathilde. Then he decided it was time for a career change and went working as a salesman in the timeshare.


When his sister and her partner started a new restaurant he decided to join them in their new dream

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